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Top Things to Know Before Preparing for Renton Newborn Photography

It is everyone parent’s wish to treasure the memories that a newborn baby brings even after they have become of age. No matter how old they will be years to come, you will want to relive those moments that they came to your life and their toddler days. To help parents capture these moments, Alicen Lum has been running on everyone’s lips as the leader in Renton newborn photography.

She has managed to carry out photo sessions for newborns for the last ten plus years giving nothing but the best. Her Renton newborn photography services are the best to help you create and store these precious moments. As a professional too, she has some tips that will keep you prepared when looking forward to such photo shoots.

From her experience, when you are planning for Renton newborn photography, prepare the room where you intend to have the photographing taking place. The warmer the room, the better for the baby. It should however not be hot or too warm and uncomfortable for the baby. The baby needs to settle in a comfortable place and be in comfy clothes as they need to keep still throughout the process.

When you bring the child for Renton newborn photography, avoid overdoing your jewelry. They are beautifying objects, yes, but they might not be good friends with newborn kids. Your child’s safety is Alicen’s priority and so it should be to you too. Some of the jewelry that we wear could be loose and end up scratching the young and weak skin or spread infections to your child.

Also, if the venue is chosen by the client, Alicen advises on the hygiene levels. A baby is fragile and prone to infections if we are not going to be vigil enough. It is vital that you ensure the place or room is clean and that it observes the highest hygienic standards. Do not let the immune system if the baby, which is weak already, get weaker from something that you could have avoided. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling them, clothing or undressing them. That is Alicen’s basic principle.

A newborn has a strong yet sensitive smelling sense. Any strong fragrances should, therefore, be avoided at all costs. It will only take one day which is not too much for one to go without too much makeup if they prefer putting on some. Upsetting the baby will upset the entire photo session, and it might need to be rescheduled.

The newborn ones could have hearing senses that are strong too. As such, as a professional in Renton newborn photography, I know the best to handle that. It calls for taking the shots with the most minimum shutter sounds or similar noises. In such a case that the noises are too loud for the baby, they will wake up and render the session unbearable with cries, movements, and kicks.

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