Newborn photography Seattle: Treasure the memories for a lifetime

newborn photography seattle

So you want to treasure the memories of your newborn for the rest of their lives! Well, my newborn photography Seattle services is one of the best ways to do this. With my experience as a newborn photographer Seattle, I can say that it needs a lot of preparation, such as background themes, atmosphere, arranging the props and making the baby comfortable. When you are there to capture the newborn baby’s photo, you need to be very careful and very very patient during the photo session. More tips regarding good preparation are mentioned below.


Important things to know about newborn photography:


  • One of the first things is to prepare the room wherein photography is going to take place. A warm room keeps the newborn happy. The baby must settle down on a convenient and comfortable area during the photography session, and it is suggested to dress the baby in comfortable clothes. No socks please as they would leave a mark.
  • The priority it to keep the baby safe and an important precaution for this is not to wear any jewelry so that the baby will not get hurt in any way.
  • It is important to have clean and hygienic surroundings, as the immune system of the newborn baby is weak and he can easily catch infection. Also, washing hands before handling the baby is the basic principle in newborn photography Seattle.
  • The smell sense of the baby is very sensitive and so it is best to avoid fragrances. This can quickly upset a newborn and have a negative effect on the newborn photography session.
  • The newborn can wake up if there is a sudden noise of the camera shutter or similar noises during the photography. You need to create minimum shutter strokes, which can make less noise.


I make sure that the preparation for the newborn photography Seattle session is done well. I also have many props so that the photographs come out perfect and memorable for many years to come.


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