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Top Themes For Child Photography Seattle


Kids are equally difficult to handle as newborns. They have an attitude of their own and as a photographer I love to work with children as they are fun to interact with. When I shoot child photographs, I focus on the theme, the setting, child’s attitude and body language, of course.


Different angles of the camera can capture proper images, and in this regards I can confidently say that when you choose me for child photography Seattle, I can promise to give you some of the best shots.


Experienced photographers know that patience is one of the most important qualities a photographer needs to have in order to get the best shots. Apart from that, the background and props are what make the pictures worth preserving for lifetime. They serve as perfect memories for the parents for years to come. Mentioned below are some of the top themes that make children photography successful.


Cartoon theme

Every little boy or girl wants to be their favorite superhero. A cartoon theme has just no limitations to what you can do. Let your imaginations go wild and use the cartoon theme that your child loves. If you keep these photographs as a memory that marks the childhood of your son and daughter, then you need to select the best theme as the background image.


Birthday photos

Birthday photos are special for every child and his family. Birthday decoration can include many things from the balloons to sprays and party hats to masks. All of these needs to be set in a perfect color combination so that there are colors that will accentuate your child in the photographs.


Cake smash theme

In this theme, all that you need to do is to keep a cake in front of your child and he or she will do the rest. The cake smash theme has become a common choice of many people opting for child photography Seattle. However, once you get the perfect shot you need to be ready to give a full bath to your child because the photo session will be just a fun and play activity for the child.


There are a wide range of things you can do when it comes to kids photo session. All that you need to do is to be creative and think of various ways in which you can get the best shots during child photography Seattle. I would love to discuss with you various themes you can use to get the best photos.

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