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I know you have waited for this day and it is finally here. For the last nine months, you have anticipated the bundle of joy that you already have now. The time to let go will come when the baby is grown and can be on their own, and probably loneliness will creep in again when they go to school far away. What will you do then? The photos that a Bellevue WA maternity photographer took with the angel in your maternity room should keep you going.

Welcome to my site and read through the great content here. It is informative and will give you more reasons to stick around. I am Alicen Lum, your leading, and most preferred Bellevue WA maternity photographer. With over ten years, I have honed my skills in taking beautiful photos of newly-born kids right on their first day. The photos then become your companion for many years after that, helping you reminisce the moments from day one.

For the love of what I do, my name leads the pack as Bellevue WA maternity photographer. I believe in delivering beyond client’s expectations thereby keeping them for long. To me, maintaining a client counts more than gaining one because that is a legacy. As such, I strive to earn a new client and strive more to maintain them. I maintain their loyalty by maintaining professionalism and delivering all the valuables as agreed. I simply operate on virtues that will not allow me to deviate from what you as the customer expects.

So, if you are a new couple or mother who just welcomed a bundle of joy, a boy, girl, or twins, let me in for a photo session. I am inclined to take only the best shots that will keep your memories of the first day of your child intact in your mind for long. What I do best is what I love, and that is what earns me the name Bellevue WA maternity photographer. It is not easy yes, but with precision and professionalism, the name falls into place.

The empire that I have built is based on giving you the best as you watch. It is carefully planned, the props are set, and you get to watch everything as it happens. With such arrangements, I am always certain that the safety and comfort of your baby are guaranteed. As I also take photos of you and the baby, I ensure that you are also comfortable without straining or leaving where you feel comfortable.

If you have several months to go, talk to me and let us plan for a maternity photo session. Let us not wait until the last month if we need to get things done to our convenience. When you get in touch with me, we shall discuss your preferences and the day you will need to have it done. It is always best when one books an appointment to avoid last minute rushing and getting locked out by other clients.

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