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    My name is Alicen, I specialize in maternity, newborn and children photography in the Seattle, WA area.

    I have been a photographer since 2006. I love photographing people, especially babies and children. Being a mom with 2 loving kids (Hailey 9, Hayden 7), I know how fast they grow and how they change day by day. I want capture every moment! I decided that I want to do that for other people too. I love seeing parents' expressions when I show them the images I have created for them. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love.

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So you want to treasure the memories of your newborn for the rest of their lives! Well, my newborn photography Seattle services is one of the best ways to do this. With my experience as a newborn photographer Seattle, I can say that it needs a lot of preparation, such as background themes, atmosphere, arranging the props and making the baby comfortable. When you are there to capture the newborn baby’s photo, you need to be very careful and very very patient during the photo session. More tips regarding good preparation are mentioned below.


Important things to know about newborn photography:


  • One of the first things is to prepare the room wherein photography is going to take place. A warm room keeps the newborn happy. The baby must settle down on a convenient and comfortable area during the photography session, and it is suggested to dress the baby in comfortable clothes. No socks please as they would leave a mark.
  • The priority it to keep the baby safe and an important precaution for this is not to wear any jewelry so that the baby will not get hurt in any way.
  • It is important to have clean and hygienic surroundings, as the immune system of the newborn baby is weak and he can easily catch infection. Also, washing hands before handling the baby is the basic principle in newborn photography Seattle.
  • The smell sense of the baby is very sensitive and so it is best to avoid fragrances. This can quickly upset a newborn and have a negative effect on the newborn photography session.
  • The newborn can wake up if there is a sudden noise of the camera shutter or similar noises during the photography. You need to create minimum shutter strokes, which can make less noise.


I make sure that the preparation for the newborn photography Seattle session is done well. I also have many props so that the photographs come out perfect and memorable for many years to come.



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Pregnancy is a very special time for the entire family, especially the mother. This is the time when a new life is taking shape inside. Capturing this unique time in pictures is a perfect way to treasure it for the rest of the life. I have worked with many pregnant women and from my own experience of being a mother and by interacting with other mums to be, I can say that this time is worth treasuring.


Being a maternity photographer Seattle for almost a decade, here are some tips that can help in capturing great pictures.


  • Outdoor photo shoot


Some of the best shots I have taken of pregnant mothers have been in the outdoors. Amazing natural backdrop and wonderful setting works wonders and there you have that perfect shot. One of the best things in the outdoors is that everything is natural and the backdrop is very pleasing to the eyes. The pregnant mother will feel nice and comfortable in the natural surroundings and a natural smile will come on her face.


  • Don’t get conscious


Pregnancy is a great and unique time of your life and rather than worrying about the shape and cellulite, it is best to enjoy it. Think about the curvy figure you have and getting it in the frame could be a great memory to treasure for a long time.


  • Going crazy with the session


When you come to the Seattle maternity studio, be prepared to have fun time. You can bring in any props you want to use. Even if you don’t have any, don’t worry, I have a wide range of props in my studio for the pregnancy photography shoot. Over the years, I have learnt to be open to any new ideas and implement in the most creative way. So be ready to go crazy as well.


If you want to get the best results in your pregnancy photographer Seattle then give me a call and let me know what you have in mind. We can sit together and work out a plan to get the best shots for you to treasure.

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Pregnancy photographs are the most effective ways to remember the days when you were about to enter the very beautiful motherhood phase. Pregnant mothers definitely want to treasure the pregnancy glow forever through photographs. During maternity photography Seattle photo shoot, you need to make the mother feel absolutely comfortable with the setting and what she is wearing to get her genuine expression. Mentioned below are top tips that I think are helpful for maternity photo shoot.


The timing

2 months before the baby’s due date is considered the ideal time for clicking pregnancy photographs. This is the time when the belly is big, round and beautiful. So make sure that you go for the Seattle pregnancy photography well in time.


Location for the photo shoot

If the mother prefers to wear limited clothing, shooting in the studio will definitely offer privacy, however, the great backdrop that you can get outdoors is hard to get indoors. Striking outdoor location can help get natural expressions from the mother, and you do not need to create any artificial studio in this case. The natural elements can help you to get some unique photographs. I prefer the photo shoot in the outdoors because with natural backdrop the beauty of a pregnant mother is enhanced.


Clothes to wear

The clothes that you wear need to highlight your baby bump and make you feel great as well. Tight fitting but comfortable clothes will accentuate your curves. However, make sure that you avoid heavy patterns and stick to the simple prints because it is you and your baby bump that needs to be highlighted in the photos.


Use of props

There are a wide range of props that can be used in pregnancy photography Seattle. However, the best photos are those where everything is simple and the focus is on capturing the beauty and glow of the expecting mother.


Browse through my Portfolio to get an idea about the photo shoot I do and look and feel of the pictures.

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